Type Project: Urban Client: Escalar S.A. Area: 41.56Ha; 13.200 mts2 Year: 2009
This residential place is located on the road that leads to Mesa de Yeguas, two (2) kilometers from the municipality of Anapoima. It is located in a lot of 43 hectares where the high mountain reins; making of this place a privileged lot that gives an exclusive view towards the valley.

The architectural approach of this project is to relate nature with the housings. Lots of 2500 m2 surrounded by green areas that must be carefully exploited by each house. Each house is composed by two elements, a social volume, open, without divisions, with palm coverage very typical of the region, and a private volume, a container that opens the bedroom into the river’s valley. These two volumes are intertwine in water mirrors, small gardens and a pool with a wooden deck that takes into advantage its length to open up to the landscape, after all nature makes part of this house.

It consists of 54 houses with an area of 240 m2 covered space plus external areas and swimming pool. It also has a social headquarters that includes complimentary areas like the restaurant, convention centers, a reception, services and an uncovered area that includes decks and swimming pools.